Look at your relationship problems and find the best way to address them – together

When relationships stop working

Sometimes even the best of relationships can hit a dry or difficult time. A couple may find themselves no longer communicating effectively, and their physical relationship may deteriorate or become non-existent. This can be something that develops gradually due to work stress or ongoing family issues – or it can hit suddenly after one or both partners encounter major life changes. As tension grows and emotion runs high, it can become ever more difficult for the couple to discuss and resolve things between themselves.

How does counselling help?

Counselling provides a safe and confidential space to look at what’s happening in a relationship, with the therapist acting as a facilitator to help conversation flow or put limits on anger where necessary. Often at the beginning one partner may feel that help is unnecessary, or that the process will be too exposing or shameful. This is very normal, and will be openly acknowledged by the therapist so you can move on to have the conversations that need to be had with each other.

Couples counselling is quite a proactive process. Based on what you bring to the sessions, your therapist will reflect back what they see are the key areas that need some changes – and will also help you explore what resources you have as a couple that can be re-engaged. With non-judgmental guidance and support you can begin to find confidence again as a couple, and get your relationship back on track.

Couples counselling with Anchor

All Anchor therapists who offer couples counselling have extensive experience of couples and the issues that can arise. They will not take sides, and will approach difficult subjects like sex in a sensitive and caring way. They also maintain strong connections with other experts in case a referral is needed for severe psycho-sexual problems or medical issues.

We are currently able to offer couples counselling at our clinics in Wandsworth, SW18.