Confidential, professional counselling and psychotherapy for adults of all ages.

Counselling for adults – of all ages

All our therapists have extensive training in providing one-to-one, face-to-face counselling for adults aged 18 and over – and there’s no upper age limit. Modern neuroscience has proven that while the brain begins to deteriorate in some ways with age, there is no loss of its original flexibility, or ‘plasticity’ – which means we never lose the capacity to change.

What’s the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?

The word “counselling” is often used to refer to shorter-term or ‘time-limited’ work, and “psychotherapy” for longer-term, ‘deeper’ work – but they are both essentially talking therapies, and what happens in the sessions is very similar.

All Anchor therapists are trained to explore issues at whatever depth is appropriate, so they can tailor the therapy to your individual needs. We generally use the word “counselling” to refer to all types of talking therapy.

How long will therapy take?

Studies have shown that on average, around half of people will have made a full recovery after between 13-18 sessions, with the other half needing longer to achieve the changes they wish to see.

Short-term counselling (around 6-20 sessions) can be ideal for providing practical help with issues such as improving confidence, or managing stress or anxiety. It can also provide support and a crucial ‘processing’ space when facing major life-changes such as redundancy, retirement, divorce, or bereavement. Short-term counselling helps re-acquaint you with your strengths and top-up your coping strategies, so you can take charge of your own life again.

Longer-term counselling may be needed when the issues you face have been around a long time, or began early in life, or are affecting many different areas of your life – for example in cases of addiction or self-harm, or ongoing problems with depression, or relationships, or food. With steady curiosity and a trusting relationship with your therapist, you can explore these kinds of things in more depth and resolve them at the root.