Standard rates

Charges for a standard 50-minute session with Anchor Counselling are as follows:

  • £70  for on-line sessions via Zoom, Teams or Skype
  • £75 in Reading for in person sessions
  • £85 in Wandsworth and Wimbledon for in person sessions
  • £130 in Chelsea for in person sessions
  • £120 for 60 minute in person Couples Therapy in Wandsworth and Putney

Reduced-cost counselling

We are committed to making counselling and psychotherapy accessible to all. We therefore reserve a number of places in all our locations at reduced fees (usually starting from around £40) for those on limited incomes. Please contact us to discuss further – and let us know in your message that you are seeking a lower-cost place, so we can advise on availability.

What will be the total cost of counselling?

Some people may need as few as 6 sessions of counselling to achieve the changes they want to see – and others will find they need more. To get a rough idea of how much time counselling might take for you, see our FAQs. 


Payment is normally due at the beginning of the session  In most locations we can  take payment by credit or debit card. In order for us to run our practice efficiently and fairly, missed sessions and cancellations are chargeable unless at least 48 hours notice is given.