Anchor Counselling would like to thank all of our clients who so generously gave permission for their feedback to be quoted here.

“My therapist has been incredibly supportive and I feel much better equipped to deal with what life will throw at me in the future. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

“It’s been a difficult journey but definitely worthwhile. Thankyou.”

“My counsellor was a great help for me in a difficult and challenging time of my life. She really helped me rebuild my trust and confidence in myself and others.”

“I have really appreciated the time and space, free of distractions, but more importantly the accepting nature my therapist has shown me, the ease I have felt in discussing topics with her and the encouragement I have experienced in moving forwards. I could not recommend her highly enough!”

“It has been a fantastic experience, one that I would most definitely repeat if I ever felt the need, and I would recommend counselling to anyone having problems.”

“I enjoyed our sessions, and thankyou for listening. Talking is so important when you feel hopeless.”

“The issues I originally came about were dealt with effectively and successfully, I felt I got a good perspective on the situation.”

“I feel that I have achieved a greater understanding of my predicament and thus am able to deal with it.”

“I cannot thank my counsellor enough for the help given to me. The experience has helped to change my life and for that I will always be grateful.”

“I would not recognise myself if I met myself now compared with 6 months ago.”

“Counselling has been excellent and my therapist really listened and honoured my wishes as to the type of counselling I wanted, and this led to some unexpected insights which have been very valuable.”

“The therapist fee is a small price to pay for my mental health.”

“My counsellor took great care and attention in listening and relating to my thoughts. I never felt rushed or pitied. I felt I could talk with ease and without judgement. She remembered the details of my story and would remind me of things at later appointment. This really showed me how well she listened and her help is appreciated so much!”